Growing up I learned handcrafts such as sewing, embroidery, crocheting and fabric painting from my Mom, both grandmothers and my aunts.  I started paper crafting when I decided to make my first scrapbook as a present for my Grandma’s 80th birthday over a decade ago and I was hooked. Through the years since, a lot of my supplies and tools have come from Close To My Heart.  I became an indendent consultant so that I can share the great designs and quality products that are offered from this company and quite honestly, for the consultant discount.
I’m a cat person.  Don’t get me wrong, I like dogs too – I just like cats better.  When I was younger my cats were outdoor/garage cats, not allowed in the house.  When I moved in to my first apartment in college I adopted my first indoor cat, Puddy, and he went home on holidays and breaks with me which meant he also stayed IN the house – I don’t think I even asked, it just was.  I’d wake up in the morning and hear my “no cats in the house” parents (mostly Dad)  laughing and playing with the cat.  Within a couple of years, Mom and Dad added a cat to their house.  I currently have 2 ragdoll cats, Dooney and Bourke, who provide endless comfort and entertainment – and LOTS of hair, lol.
Breakfast with Friends
Late 2008 I joined Facebook and started reconnecting with a lot of friends and acquaintances from high school.  About a year later, after many likes and online posts back and forth one of our classmates sent a few of us a message saying “I’m going to breakfast tomorrow morning, would anyone like to join me”.  I wavered back and forth, you know it’s one thing chatting online – quite another to meet in person (gasp!).  Anyway, I think about 6 of us did and we had such a great time we said we should do it again and invite others to join us, maybe a club and so Our Very Own Breakfast Club (OVOBC) was born.  We set up a group, invited other friends and created our first official event.  Five years later we are still getting together once a month for breakfast, we tend to avoid the chain restaurants and eat at locally owned places.  I still look forward to every breakfast and I’ve gained some great friendships that carry well outside of our once a month gathering.

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